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 MSK KINESIS Devices offer cutting edge technology for medical and wellness treatments that have been proven effective in Italy for over 14 years. Working exclusively with a founding MD in Italy, we have developed the technology and methods to improve a wide array of patients physical medical needs.  MSK THERAPY CENTERS showcase our MSK KINESIS device therapies for human treatments and allow space for additional health and beauty treatments and products to be administered.  MSK DENTAL is currently a partnership program with initial protocols and therapy being developed with a Dentist. We have already developed prototypes for Dentistry and will continue to expand our network of dentistry applications through our continued research and development.    


The Company, a U.K. organization, specializing in medical, health and wellness, is in now expanding our  MSK KINESIS Health and Wellness Centers to the United States and opening in Arizona (Sedona), Florida (Aventura, Miami), and New York (Manhattan) offering the exclusive MSKKINESIS Pain Therapies.    


Due to a rapid increase of inquiry on our products and services, not all features of our website are currently available.  Thank you for your patience while we expand our online access to the growing health and wellness community worldwide.

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